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Protecting Your Insurance Claim After A Car Accident

Whether the car accident occurred as a result of driver exhaustion or distraction, tailgating or human error, what happens in the aftermath of an accident can influence your insurance claim as much as the factors that caused it. In California, all drivers are required to maintain their car insurance policy. Unfortunately, not all drivers comply with this law. Those who do may find that their claims agents resist paying out the claims established in policies.

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Taking Steps To Ensure Your Insurance Claim Is Covered

While you can’t predict when you’ll get into an accident, you can prepare for what happens afterward. These are ways to be proactive after a collision so that you can strengthen your claim:

1. Document the scene of the accident.

In addition to taking pictures of your cuts and bruises, you should use the camera embedded in your smartphone to record the condition of your car, roadside markers and the accident scene. This evidence can be used to support your claim and discount contradictory claims.

2. Get the police involved.

Even if you are involved in a small fender bender, it’s wise to have law enforcement present. The accident report that the officer completes is a record of the event and one your insurance company needs to consider when reviewing your claim. This report can go a long way in holding responsible parties to account.

3. Exchange information.

You should obtain the other driver’s insurance information so that your insurance company has a point of contact. In addition, you should record the driver’s name and license plate in case the driver provides false information.

4. Complete the appropriate paperwork.

The reports drivers are required to file in California include more than those you submit to your insurance company and law enforcement. Drivers also need to file a report with their local DMV when a serious car accident has occurred.

Insurance Companies Have Lawyers Representing Their Interests, And So Should You

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