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Advocating For Medical Professionals

For years, you have considered it your vocation to care for the injured and the sick. You recognize that you belong to a select group of medical professionals who can tend to the ill and are instrumental in helping them recuperate. While you feel validated from the positive results of your care, the injury that you have suffered in administering to others has begun to affect your life at work and at home.

Since 1993, Law Offices of Paul Kinsler, Esq, has been proudly serving nurses and medical staff throughout the counties of Ventura and Santa Barbara. Like you, we are committed to improving others’ lives by defending their rights to receive compensation for injuries suffered in a hospital or clinic.

Should you suffer physical damage during a shift at work, it is the responsibility of your employer to compensate you for your injuries. If your workers’ comp benefits claim is rejected, you need to have an advocate on your side. At Law Offices of Paul Kinsler, Esq, we will review the details of your claim and customize a legal strategy that will help you get a fair settlement in a timely fashion.

Obtaining Maximum Damages For A Variety Of Injuries And Conditions

Due to the physical tasks required of medical support staff in a health care facility, hazards abound, increasing the risk for hospital workers and nursing injuries to occur. Drawing on my substantial knowledge of workers’ compensation regulations and procedures, we can represent a wide range of claims, including:

  • Shoulder, knee and back strains
  • Joint damage
  • Slipped or herniated disks
  • Slip-and-fall injuries
  • Afflictions due to infection

Whether the physical damage resulted from a repetitive injury or was sustained in a single event, you may be entitled to receive payment for medical treatment, lost wages and costs associated with rehabilitation.

Injured At Work? Let A Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Review Your Claim Today.

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Should our firm accept your case, you will not be charged for legal fees until we have received damages on your behalf.