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Common Reasons For Workers’ Comp Denial Of Benefits

There are many reasons workplace injuries occur; however, the end result tends to be similar: The damage done to your body affects your ability to do your job. You know that the state of California leads the nation in protecting its workers through workers’ compensation regulations. However, you may be concerned about your job security should your benefits’ claim be rejected or your supervisors retaliate after you file your claim. Between the physical pain and the emotional tension, you may struggle with selecting the best, long-term decision for your circumstances.

For over two decades, employees in Ventura County and Santa Barbara County have contacted Kinsler Law, for practical legal advice about their workers’ compensation concerns. We have 30 years of experience as a workers’ compensation attorney, counseling clients who work in the medical and restaurant industries in addition to the public service and farming sector. We are knowledgeable legal professionals who can explain your options and help you receive the benefits you deserve.

Protect Your Claim By Following This Advice

Claims administrators and employers have designed a complex set of procedures to limit insurance payouts they provide. There are many reasons workers’ comp claims are denied. Limit the risk your claim will be rejected by taking these steps to solidify your claims:

1. Document your injuries.

Record the circumstances leading to your work site injury as soon as you are available. Provide specific information regarding the location of the accident, individuals involved and safety hazards can solidify your claim. If you wait after significant time has passed before you document this information, you may risk forgetting crucial details.

2. File well before your deadline has passed.

You will not be entitled to receive benefits until you have filed with your employer and the state. California’s workers have 30 days to report their injuries. If you delay reporting your condition because you are following a “wait-and-see” approach, you may put your claim at risk.

3. Receive aid from an approved physician.

Unless you have filed the appropriate paperwork “predesignating” a doctor, you may be required to receive medical care from a physician selected by your employer. Being treated by a medical professional who is not in your employer’s health care network may invalidate your claim.

4. Follow your doctor’s advice and attend all required appointments.

Workers’ compensation benefits will not cover self-treatment. It is in your best interest to document the medical aid you’ve received and the steps you’ve taken to adhere to your doctor’s instructions. Attending consultations, follow-up appointments and rehabilitation sessions will show that you are complying with your doctor’s orders.

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